more weird things customers say in bookshops. jen campbell


CUSTOMER: I’m looking for that book… Romeo and Juliet. It’s about a fight between the DiCaprios and another gang. Street stuff.
CUSTOMER’S FRIEND: Yeah. it’s the true story of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Тем временем, в параллельной вселенной XD …
Окей, со второго выпуска я смогла оценить всю прелесть этой задумки. Отбросив предубеждения, я снова погрузилась в мир книжных магазинов, библиотек, терпеливых продавцов, странных покупателей и диковатых вопросов. Все так же негодую относительно некоторых глупостей, но впечатления сгладились благодаря жемчужинам легкой упоротости)

CUSTOMER: I had such a crush on Captain Hook when I was younger. Do you think this means I have unresolved issues?

Oh, I still do.


CUSTOMER: Do you make wanted posters for books?
BOOKSELLER: . . . How do you mean?
CUSTOMER: I mean, can I bring you a list of books that I’m looking for, and then you could make them into wanted posters and put them up around the bookshop, in case other customers know where I could find them?
BOOKSELLER: Erm, I have a ‘Wants’ book that I can put your list of books in, and then I can let you know if we get those books in stock? Or I can try and track the books down for you myself, by calling other antiquarian booksellers?
CUSTOMER: No, that’s OK. I like to pretend that the books are criminals, and that I’m tracking them down, like I’m the police. It’s more fun that way.


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